K2 Math – Park Cars By Plate Numbers

Activity goal

  1. Recognize the number 9, and know that there are 9 1s in 9;
  2. For numbers from 1 to 9, tell the total number;
  3. Cultivate children’s interest in numbers.

activity procedure

01- Topic import

Children, how can you quickly find your car when you go to the parking lot?

(Guide the children to discuss, the teacher summarizes) In addition to remembering the parking location, the color and shape of the vehicle, the best way is to find your own car through the license plate number.

02- Know the number 9, counting up

(Open the MedoActive course application on the big screen)

Today we are going to conduct a parking activity by license plate. Since parking is by the license plate, let’s get to know the license plate first.

We came to this big parking lot.

Children, what do you see in the middle of the parking lot? (parking spaces marked by numbers)

Do you recognize these numbers? (Review the numbers 1~8, know the number 9, write 9, the teacher uses the 9 points on the car to explain that there are 9 1s in 9)

What did you find around the parking lot? There are passing vehicles.

What are the characteristics of these vehicles? There are ID number plates on the car body, let’s count the number of ID number plates on the body. (Guiding exercise 1~9 counting up, say the total)

(Recognize the front and back numbers of each number from 1 to 9 through the numbers in the parking lot)

Have the children discovered a secret, that is, the license plate number on the car body can find a corresponding position in the parking lot.

For example, this car has 1, 2…9, which is the license plate number of 9, which parking space is 9 in?


(Open the MedoActive course application, select a team leader for each group, and explain the responsibilities of the team leader and team members)

Next, we will all be small drivers and come to this big parking lot. Each small driver will park a car in the parking space in order. When parking, count the license plates on the car, tell the other children in the group the license plate number, and park in the parking space with the corresponding number, and the other children will check to see if he has parked correctly. Each team works together, helps each other, and takes turns parking.

(Children’s group activities, teachers’ tour guidance, after the activity, lead everyone to check the completion of each group and make comments)


Review the numbers 1~9, counting up.

Through the activity of parking according to the license plate, we know the number 9 and know that there are nine 1s in 9. Also carried out 1~9 counting. Do you know how to quickly find your car in the parking lot in the future? Do you remember the license plate number of your house or the license plate number of the school bus?

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