Health, Washing Hands

Activity goal

  1. Know that washing hands carefully can effectively prevent diseases;
  2. Learn scientific hand washing methods;
  3. Develop a good habit of washing hands carefully.

activity procedure

01 Story introduction

Today the teacher is going to tell a true story. When everyone is listening, think about it, what have you learned from this story? The story goes like this:

★In a family in Africa, their relatives got a strange disease and died soon after. Later, after medical testing, it was found to be an infectious disease. This led to the need for quarantine for all those who lived with, visited, and spoke in close proximity to the loved one while the relative was ill.

A few days later, the mother of this family was found to be infected with this infectious disease. It turned out that she had close contact with the patient and got the virus on her hands. She didn’t wash her hands in time and rubbed her eyes with her hands. The virus entered from her eyes. in vivo.

Fortunately, the family actively cooperated with the treatment. Later, the mother recovered and was able to reunite with her family.

★Let’s think about it: If this mother washes her hands before rubbing her eyes, will she be infected with an infectious disease? The possibility of infection will be greatly reduced.

If the mother didn’t wash her hands and touched her family members with her hands, would the family members be infected? The answer is very dangerous. This type of virus can also survive in the outside world for a period of time, and can enter the human body through the mouth, nose, and eyes.

★So, is hand washing important for preventing disease, especially infectious disease?

Very important.

02 Discussion: Do children know how to wash their hands properly?

★Teacher’s summary: Some children said to use hand sanitizer or soap, some said to use hot water, some said to dry their hands with a clean towel after washing, and some said to use running water instead of in the reservoir wash in. Everyone speaks well.

★With these methods, can you wash off all the invisible bacteria on your hands?

cannot. Let’s follow MedoActive Desk to learn the scientific method of washing hands.

03 observation

By observing the picture of the courseware, talk about how the children in the picture wash their hands, learn scientific hand washing methods, and follow the teacher to do hand washing actions.

★Flowing water + hand sanitizer

Because the flowing water will take away all the bacteria we wash off. If you wash your hands in a basin of water, or in a sink, the germs that wash away may return to your hands. Add hand sanitizer or soap to make it easier to wash off the germs that stick to your hands.

★Wash palms and fingertips

In order to wash their hands quickly, some children just rinse them with clean water, which is not clean. You need to rub your palms, fingers and fingertips.

★Wash between fingers

Also cross your hands and wash your fingers carefully.


Are the hands clean after washing the palms, fingertips and finger crevices? not yet. Thumbs and knuckles also need to be carefully washed. Rub your thumbs, make a fist and surround it with the other hand, scrubbing the joints.

★Wash back

Then turn over and wash your back. How to wash the back of the hand? It is best to rub the back of the other hand with the palm of one hand, and then wash the other hand in turn.

★wash wrist

Also overlooked a place, do you know where it is? It’s the wrist, hold it gently with your hand, turn it around, and rub it. Wash both wrists.

Finally, dry with a clean towel or paper towel, and our little hands are very clean.

04 Arrange hand washing steps

(Children sitting around MedoActive desks naturally form a group)

Now invite the children to arrange the order of washing hands together on the MedoActive desk! Team members work together. Once lined up, each member names a handwashing step in the group. Finally each group checks with each other to see if they are correct.


★ Let’s review, what are the benefits of washing hands carefully? Can effectively prevent diseases.

★What is the scientific method of washing hands?

★Under what circumstances is it necessary to wash hands? Before meals, after going out, after playing, when eating fruits and snacks…

★Today we learned the scientific method of washing hands, what will you do in the future?

Develop a good habit of washing hands carefully and according to scientific methods. And share this method with those around us.

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