Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Biologics, Animal Sizes

Activity goal

  1. Recognize various types of animals and read English along with them;
  2. Can judge the actual size of animals and sort them accurately;
  3. Love group independent exploration activities.

Activity procedure

01 Story introduction

➤The weather is so nice, and the animals are having a race to see who is the biggest.

➤Look, the flies are singing and flying around; the crab is holding a pair of big pincers; the rabbit is taking a carrot and jumping to the scene; the old sheep is covered with soft fur, so warm; The horse neighed and came clattering over. Suddenly, everyone thought it was raining, but it turned out that the elephant came, and it performed a nose-sprinkling for everyone first.

➤Kids guess, which other animals will come?

➤Who do you think will win the championship?

02 Learn about animals and read English

➤The small animals invite children to be the judges and comment on which animal is the biggest. Would you like to?

➤(Open the courseware screen) Let’s take a look at the animals first! Just tap it to hear its name.

Whale, Shark, Elephant, Dolphin, Rhinoceros, Camel, Horse, Donkey, Tiger, Lion, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Orangutan, Leopard, Pig, Sheep, Goat, Iguana, Dog, Penguin, Koala, Fox, Cat, Rabbit, Snake, Squirrel, Duck, Rooster, Owl, Octopus, Fish, Lobster, Bird, Toad, Chameleon, Chick, Mouse, Crab, Housefly.

03 Animal ratio game Arrange animals in order

The game is about to begin! 8 animals appeared on the MedoActive desk to compete. Invite children to be judges, and the group will work together to drag the animals into the middle turntable in order of actual size. See which group got it right.


➤Who won the championship in this competition?

Whale, its body length is 5-33 meters, and its weight is 2000 kg-160 tons. The largest known blue whale reaches 181 tons, which is equivalent to the sum of the weight of 3000 60 kg people.

➤Is there an animal bigger than a whale in the world? Not found yet.

➤Who is the smallest in this competition?

Housefly. Are there any animals in real life that are smaller than the housefly? Yes, such as ladybugs, ants, mosquitoes, etc.

➤ Let me tell you a little secret, next time the animals will have a competition, and we will also invite children to be judges. Kids, guess what they will compare to?

Height, speed, ability, voice, physical strength, food intake, contribution to mankind, quantity, lifespan.

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