Kindergarten Courses – K1 Language, No Holding

Activity goal

  1. Knowledge goal: Perceive and understand the content of nursery rhymes;
  2. Skill goal: through observation and discussion, learn the dialogue in nursery rhymes;
  3. Emotional goal: to cultivate children’s sense of independence.

Activity preparation

proficient song;

Arrange simple grooves and games for songs;

Proficiency in desk operation, proficiency in token functions, such as: the use of the grand piano.

Activity procedure

  1. Story import

① Story

Dear children, today the teacher brought you a story.

One day, 3-year-old Taotao went grocery shopping with his mother. After her mother bought the vegetables, she also bought food and toys for Taotao. Taotao was very happy. However, on the way back, Taotao was playing with toys instead of looking at the road, and accidentally kicked a stone and fell. Taotao burst into tears.

Taotao said: “Mom, hold me, I don’t want to walk by myself!” Mom said: “Taotao, you see that mother has taken a lot of things. A good child should walk by himself. Be a brave child and don’t walk on your own in the future. Playing with toys.”

At this moment, a few birds flew over suddenly in the sky, and Taotao was attracted by the birds, they were so happy to fly. “Meow…” A little cat walked by, its body was only the size of a big mouse. But it is looking for food by itself.

Mom said: “Let’s go. A good child should fly by itself like a bird and walk like a kitten. Don’t want your mother to hold you.” So Taotao picked up his toys and went home with his mother.

②Listen to nursery rhymes

The story introduces us a few new friends. Do you want to get to know these new friends? Guess where the new friends will come from? ……Wow! Some children have already guessed it, it is on our desk.

Okay, please sit on our desks (distributed evenly according to the number of people) you observe the desks, who do you see? Who will tell me? Who knows them?

OK, tell me. You see a kid, wow, that’s so true. Okay, kid, tell me, what did you see? You said there was a kitty, yes, you spoke fluently and loudly, you were awesome! Let me tell you about this kid, you said you saw your mother holding flowers in her hands, and the little birds flying in the sky, wow, you observed carefully, the teacher couldn’t help but give you a big thumbs up! (Ask a few more people)

The children who answered the questions just now observed very carefully. Our new friends include a mother holding flowers, a child, a kitten, and a bird flying in the sky.

Today our new friend brought us a nursery rhyme, so, do you want to listen to this nursery rhyme? You all think, then let’s listen to this song! Listen to what is said in the song.

I hope you can help the teacher remember when you are listening, what are the birds and cats doing in the song. Okay, let’s listen to nursery rhymes together. (play desk audio, children appreciate)

  1. Think, discuss

①Who still remembers what the little bird is doing? You said: The bird flies by itself, good (ask a few more people)… Then what is the kitten doing? You said: The kitten meows by itself. (Ask more people)…Wow! You all know that birds fly by themselves and kittens meow by themselves, so listen carefully!

②Do they want to be held by their mother? No, why don’t you want your mother to hold you? Because they are good children, don’t want their mother to hold them.

③ Children, are you good children? I heard the kids say yes.

What else can a good child do besides not being held by its mother? Can we take our schoolbags when we come to school? Can you eat by yourself… A good child will understand the hard work of his father and mother, and do his own things, just like the song says, “We are all good children, don’t want to be held by our mother”, let’s say it with the teacher… Children, you are all so smart, the teacher can’t help but want to give you a good one. (encourage small rhythm)

  1. Teach actions, play music, and learn to sing this song.

①The name of the song we just listened to is “Good boy, don’t be held by your mother”, let’s say it with the teacher…

②Teach actions one sentence at a time

The first sentence: The bird flies by itself, children, let’s say it together, the bird flies by itself (you can say it once for boys and girls, and repeat it with changes until you speak fluently)

The kitten meows by itself, children, let’s talk together, the kitten meows by itself… (after teaching the lyrics)

While doing the action, say:

You guys are all great. Let’s do the actions together with the teacher: the bird flies by itself, the kitten meows by itself, we are all good children, don’t want to be held by our mother, don’t want to be held by our mother.

(It can be changed to fast one time, slow one time, or girls pretend to be birds, boys pretend to be kittens, etc.)

③Sing and do movements along with the music.

  1. Participate in the game and talk together.

Then do you want to play the role of a bird flying by itself and a kitten meowing by itself? Please come and play this game with the teacher. When playing the game, you must sing loudly and completely. (Invite the children to come to the stage, the teacher holds the hands of the children face to face, and the children line up to walk)

①Do not play music games:

(The teacher sings:) “Go, go, go, I’m a little bird…”,

(Stop, the teacher said:) The bird flies by itself, and the children and the teacher do movements together: “The bird flies by itself”.

(The teacher sings:) “Go, go, go, I’m a kitten…

(Variation game: Girls play the bird, boys play the kitten, and finally play good kids together.)

②Play music games:

(divided into two rows facing each other) Squat down first. Girls play the bird and boys play the kitten. When singing the bird fly by itself, the girl stands up and does the flying movement. When singing the kitten meows, the boy stands up and does the kitten movement, and finally stands up and does it together. Good boy action.

Summary and Encouragement

You sing as well as the teacher, and your performance is very serious. This is the end of our game today. Children, are you willing to be good children and do your own things?

When you get home, would you like to sing this song to your parents? Would you like to show your parents that the bird flies by itself and the kitten meows by itself?

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