Kindergarten Courses – K1 Arts, Apple Trees

Activity goal

  1. Recognize the three colors of red, yellow and green;
  2. Add apples of different colors to the apple tree;
  3. Cultivate interest in art.

Activity procedure

  1. Import (open the courseware screen on the big screen, import the scene)

Fall is harvest time, and many orchards have large, beautiful apples on their trees. However, the apple trees in one orchard were thin and short, and all the trees in this orchard together only produced 3 small apples. People don’t like them. The apple trees were very sad, they said: “We also want to grow a lot of apples, but no one will take care of us.” The apple trees need the care of children.

Why can’t an apple tree produce apples? (no one to take care of it)

How should children take care of the apple tree? (fertilize the apple tree, prune the branches, water it, catch pests, protect it with a fence…)

Through the careful care of the children, the apple trees in this orchard drank enough water and absorbed the fertilizer. The redundant branches were trimmed clean, the pests were caught by the children, and there were fences around them to protect them. I grew up happily.

In the autumn of the second year, many big apples were produced. There are green ones, yellow ones, and red ones. The green ones are newly grown, the yellow ones are about to mature, and the red ones are ripe enough to be picked off and eaten. People also really like the apple trees in this orchard.

  1. Recognize colors (consolidate the recognition of colors red, yellow and green by asking questions)

Which color apple do you like best? (Guide the children to discuss with the teacher)

The teacher thinks that the apples of the three colors are very cute.

Green represents life. The most common color in nature is green. Seeing more green is good for our eyes. A green apple means growing up, just like our children, growing up.

Yellow represents honor, just like the color of gold. The crowns worn by ancient kings are all made of gold. Athletes who achieve the best results will get gold medals. When the grain is ripe, its color is also golden, indicating a good harvest. Yellow is a very conspicuous color and is often used as a logo. Yellow apples are about to ripen, bringing people’s expectations.

Red represents love, and most of the flags of all countries have red. Red is warm and festive. Many people will wear red clothes with a big red flower when they get married, which means it is festive. Red apples mean they are ripe and ready for people to eat.

Therefore, all three colors have their lovely places.

3 Activities (Open the Midou Desk Course App)

Let’s go to the orchard together. There are all kinds of beautiful flowers growing on the green lawn. There are many apple trees in the orchard. What color are the apple trees? (green)

There are so many apple trees, but are there any apples on the trees? (No)

Where are the apples? (in the middle of the orchard, unlimited access)

What color are the apples? (red, yellow, green)

Each of us has an apple tree in front of us, let us take care of it and produce big and beautiful apples for it.

(The teacher demonstrates how to put the apples on the tree, and then the children are divided into groups to carry out independent activities. Carry out 2~3 activities, which can also be carried out by color to consolidate color awareness)


Please tell the children in each group, what color apples do your apple trees have, and why do you like these colors?

So children, we have to take good care of the apple trees in the whole orchard. There is only one child, can we take care of it? (No, so each of our groups has 6 children who work together to take care of the apple trees, so that the apple trees in the orchard can grow big and beautiful apples)

The apple trees in the orchard are very happy. In order to thank the children for their care, they will bear big and beautiful apples next year.

Children, would you like to draw a beautiful apple to show your parents when you get home?

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