Kindergarten Courses – K1 Science, Feeding Rabbit

Activity goal

  1. Get to know the little rabbit;
  2. Understand the living habits of rabbits;
  3. Have an interest in exploring small animals.

Activity procedure

  1. Meet the bunny

★Guess riddles to stimulate interest in knowing the bunny.

Puzzle: red eyes, white clothes, short tail, long ears. (Hit an animal) Answer: Bunny

Puzzle: It has long ears and eats vegetables, jumping and jumping is so cute. (hit an animal)

Answer: Bunny

★Guide children to follow and read riddles.

★The teacher opens the course application on the big screen and guides the children to observe the shape of the bunny:

Rabbit fur: fluffy, different breeds of rabbits have different colors of fur, such as white and gray. Rabbit fur can dissipate heat when standing upright and keep warm when clinging to the body. People also use rabbit fur to make winter sweaters and coats.

The long ears can dissipate heat from the rabbit’s body.

Legs: Short front legs, long hind legs, very short tail. These characteristics are conducive to running, so the bunny runs as fast as an arrow.

Eyes: Common bunnies have red eyes. Depending on the variety, there will also be blue, black, and gray.

Mouth: Three-petal mouth.

  1. Understand the living habits of the little rabbits (guide the children to discuss, the teacher’s summary)

★Children, guess where the bunny lives?

Forest, zoo, pet store or at home. Little Rabbit loves to be clean. It licks its fur every day to clean its body. It likes to live in a clean place.

★The bunny is hungry and needs to find food. What kind of food do you think it likes to eat?

Little rabbits like to eat leafy vegetables, carrots, celery, rabbit food…

★Does any child know what food the bunny doesn’t like to eat?

There are many foods that little rabbits don’t like to eat, such as: meat, bones… It’s not because they are picky eaters, but these are not the food for little rabbits.

★Which good friends does Little Rabbit have?

Little rabbits are naturally timid and afraid of being scared. Basically, they only play with their companions, and they are not afraid of people who often feed them.

  1. Feeding the bunny activity (Children work together in groups to complete the feeding bunny activity.)

★There is a kind of food in front of each child. If it can be used to feed the rabbit, please put it in front of the rabbit. If it cannot be used to feed the rabbit, please put it in the basket. Checked by the teacher after completion.

  ★Find the "Restart" button in the token to restart the application, different food will appear, and new activities can be performed.


★In the activity just now, what kind of food can be used to feed the rabbits? ★What foods can’t be used to feed rabbits?

★Do children like bunnies? Would you like to befriend it and protect it?

★What other small animals do you like?

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