Kindergarten Courses – K1 Social, Going To The Kindergarten

Activity goal

Can say the name of the kindergarten;

I like to go to school and get along well with my classmates.

Observation and discussion

Introduction: Children, do you know the name of our kindergarten? (Guided answer: The name of our kindergarten is XX Kindergarten)

Today the teacher brings you a story about a cute little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She wants to go to school from home to our XX Kindergarten. Grandma told Little Red Riding Hood that she has to walk through the public toilet, pass through the hospital, and go through the tunnel before arriving at XX Kindergarten. Dad told Little Red Riding Hood, walk out of the house, walk through the playground, pass the gas station, and walk forward from the door of McDonald’s, and you will arrive at XX Kindergarten. Little Red Riding Hood is confused. Is what grandma said is correct or what father said is correct? Little Red Riding Hood wants to ask the children to bring her to XX Kindergarten. Let’s take a look at the map on the desk and see what is the correct route from Little Red Riding Hood’s home to XX Kindergarten.

Observe the desk screen and discuss:

Children, look for it, where is XX Kindergarten? What does XX Kindergarten look like on the map? (The door is blue, the pillar is yellow, and there are three big characters on it, which say “Kindergarten”)

Where is Little Red Riding Hood’s home? (Little Red Riding Hood’s house has red walls and windows) Children, what color are the walls in your house? Are there windows?

How many routes are given on the map for the route from Little Red Riding Hood’s house to the kindergarten? (The guide numbers are 1~6, and the map marks a total of six routes in different colors)

Take Little Red Riding Hood to Kindergarten

Children, let’s take Little Red Riding Hood to XX Kindergarten!

Find the Props: Do you know where Little Red Riding Hood is? She is hiding in the icon (token) in front of the children, okay, let’s find out Little Red Riding Hood. Please follow the teacher, click on the small icon in front of you, find the cute little red riding hood, and drag her to the icon. Be careful not to put it on the route of the map, because we haven’t started to set off yet.

Take Little Red Riding Hood to Kindergarten:

Children, we will find that the colors of Little Red Riding Hood that each child finds out are different, because the colors of the clothes she wears every day are different. Let’s talk, what colors are there? (Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange/Purple) We will find that the color of Little Red Riding Hood’s clothes is exactly the same as the color of the route given by the map.

Next, we will bring Little Red Riding Hood to our XX Kindergarten to go to school, so the Little Red Riding Hood in whatever clothes will take whatever route, okay?

Please bring the Little Red Riding Hood in red clothes to the red route and start to set off. Let’s observe where we have to pass before we can reach XX Kindergarten? (Start from behind Little Red Riding Hood’s house, pass the parking lot, pass the hospital, and arrive at the tunnel, and you will arrive at XX Kindergarten.)

Ask the children to bring the little red riding hood in yellow clothes to the yellow route… (the villain in each color clothes corresponds to a route, until all the routes are completed)

Summary and Encouragement

Children, Little Red Riding Hood likes going to kindergarten very much. She is very grateful to you for bringing her to XX Kindergarten. Do you like going to school?

Children, do you remember the name of our kindergarten?

Just now, the teacher saw that the children were very enthusiastic to help bring Little Red Riding Hood to XX Kindergarten. You are really good and helpful children. In our kindergarten life, we should always help each other, be harmonious with classmates, and don’t quarrel or fight, because we are all in the same school and in the same class. It is a joy to help others. Just like we helped Little Red Riding Hood find XX Kindergarten.

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