Kindergarten Courses – K1 Health, My body

Activity goal

  1. Learn to sing the English nursery rhyme “Hello, My Body!”;
  2. Recognize the English words of body parts;
  3. Awareness of protecting the body.

Activity preparation

The teacher first familiarizes himself with the songs that appear in the courseware, and arranges simple rhythmic dances for the songs.

Key points and difficulties

Learn to sing the English nursery rhyme “Hello, My Body!”

Activity procedure

01 Understand and learn to sing English nursery rhymes.

➤(The courseware screen is displayed on the big screen. The teacher finds the lyrics of “Hello, My Body!” from the toolbox. The lyrics can be zoomed in. First, read the lyrics several times and explain the meaning of the lyrics.)

➤(Click the lyrics on the desk, play the song, and dance with simple rhythm to teach and sing the song.)

02 Picture hide-and-seek game, read and remember words.

➤Can children find the Heads (Shoulders, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Arms, Tummy, Bottom, legs) that appear in the song?

Where is it on our body, can children show it with their fingers?

What does it do?

➤There are many pictures of body parts on the desk, click on the picture, you can hear its Chinese and English names. Let’s read along.

(There are many words in this courseware, including: My body, Head, Hair, Eyebrow/Eyebrows, Eye/Eyes, Ear/Ears, Nose, Mouth, Tongue, Lips, Tooth/ Teeth, Face, Chin, Neck, Shoulder, Arm/Arms, Hand/Hands, Fingers, Belly, Back, Hips, Knee, Leg/Legs, Foot/Feet, Toes. According to the level of children, you can choose an appropriate amount of words as key memory.)

➤Let’s play the picture hide and seek game together. When the teacher speaks the words of body parts, the children quickly find the corresponding pictures and see which group finds them the fastest and most accurately.

(Children sitting around the MedoActive interactive desks naturally form a group. Teachers can change words in Chinese, English and English to deepen the impression of children.)

➤ Now change the game mode, when the teacher speaks a word, the children find its position on themselves and use their little fingers to see which group finds it quickly and accurately

03 Card Matching Game

➤In every child’s toolbox, there are some word cards hidden, and the words on these cards are different. Let’s find out all the cards.

➤Click on the card to hear what word it is. Team members work together to find the corresponding body part picture, drag it into the word card, and match the picture with the word card.

➤ Only when you find the correct picture, you can drag the card.

➤ After completion, switch groups to check with each other to see if other groups have completed correctly. (In fact, the word cards have an automatic detection function. Only the corresponding pictures can be dragged into the card. The two groups check each other to deepen the children’s impression and increase their interest.)

➤Compete at the end to see which group has done the best and has the most pleasant cooperation.


  1. What body parts did the children learn today?

(Teachers can ask questions separately for each group, boys and girls.)

  1. Do children know how to protect our five sense organs, our hands and feet, and our body?

(Children’s discussion, teacher’s summary.)

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