Kindergarten Courses – K1 Language, What Colour Is It?

Activity goal

  1. Recognize the English words that represent the color of mushrooms;
  2. Can read words, know what color it is, and master sentence patterns: What color is it? This is…….
  3. Be willing to participate and dare to express.


Key point: Recognize the English words that represent the color of mushrooms.

Difficulties: Can read the word and know what color it is.

Activity procedure

1 listen to prose

(Find out the musical note picture from the toolbox and click to play the prose.)

Ask the children to pay attention to what things appear in the prose while listening.

“Picking Mushrooms”

After the spring rain, the sun showed a smiling face, and the forest was full of life.

The little rabbit is carrying a basket, jumping up and down to pick mushrooms.

The stone is like a baby that has just been bathed, waiting for someone to play with it!

Next to the tree stumps, in the grass, and under the leaves, there are playful mushrooms hidden. They wear colorful clothes, and some of them grow up in two or three days, as if to say, little rabbit, little rabbit, take us home!

2 Observation screen

Can children find the bunnies, tree stumps, stones, and leaves that appear in the prose?

Besides these, what else did the children find in the forest?

There are also many cute mushrooms in the forest. They have different shapes, big and small, tall and short.

3 Recognize colors

Do the kids know what color these mushrooms are?

Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, gray, brown, and pink.

We only need to point the little mushroom with our fingers, and it will talk. Children can try it and listen to what it says.

Most of the mushrooms have spoken English words representing their own colors, and children can read along with them. There are red red, orange orange, yellow yellow, green green, blue blue, purple purple, black black, white white, gray gray, brown brown, pink pink.

practice sentences

Some mushrooms will ask a question, What color is it? At this time we need to answer.

Some mushrooms can say a sentence and tell children what color it is. This is…….

4 pick mushrooms

Some of the playful little mushrooms hide under the leaves, some hide in the crevices of stones and bushes, and some stand on tree stumps. The children search carefully, find the basket from the toolbox, and let’s pick mushrooms with the little rabbit!

Until all the mushrooms are found and put in the basket. Count how many there are, tell me what color mushrooms you have picked, and tell its color in English.

5 role play

mushroom picking game

Several children acted as bunnies. Hold hands in a circle, the circle represents the basket.

The other children are divided into three groups for each game, and each group represents a mushroom of a color.

When the teacher said what color mushrooms were picked and the corresponding words, “mushrooms” would come into the “basket”.


Using the game method of guessing and guessing, the teacher finds mushrooms of different colors and asks: What color is it? The child answers: This is…….

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