Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Puzzle Games 1, The Little Conchs’ Journey

Activity goal

  1. Listen to the short article “The Journey of the Little Conch”;
  2. Perceive and understand the content of the short text;
  3. Experience the fun of picking shells by the sea.

Activity procedure

01 Listen to the short text, perceive and understand its content.

(The courseware screen is displayed on the big screen. The teacher finds the small speaker icon from the toolbox, clicks to play the short text, and asks the children to pay attention to what appears in the short text while listening.)

“Little Conch’s Journey”

The little conch lives on the bottom of the sea, and one day, the waves travel with it. They came to an island where the sand was white and the water was crystal clear. There are many heart-shaped shells, spiny snails covered in thorns, and white, red, and blue starfish. People enjoy the shade under the coconut trees and pick up shells by the sea. All this surprised the little conch. The sun is about to set, and the little conch rides the waves and returns home reluctantly. It also wants to travel more places.

In the short article just now, who went on a trip? (Little conch and sea waves)

where do they live Where did you come to? (Baby conchs live on the bottom of the sea, and they come to an island.)

What is so special about this island? (The sand on the beach is white, and the water is crystal clear.)

What did the little conch see on this island? (Saw many heart-shaped shells, spiny snails covered in thorns, and white, red, and blue starfish.)

What do people like to do here? (Cool under the coconut trees and pick up shells by the sea.)

02 Treasure Hunt

Such a lovely island, do children want to visit it?

Let’s come to the island where the little conch travels together. The water here is really crystal clear. As long as you touch it with your hand, you can see the water ripples! (The courseware comes with special effects of water ripples, touch the screen with your hands, and the water waves will flow.)

Can the little ones find the heart-shaped shells, the spiny snails covered in thorns, and the white, red, and blue starfish?

What else is in the water?

Let’s go treasure hunting together. Compare who will find it first, and tell me what it is, what its shape and color are after you find it.

03 Pick up shells

There is a large shell container in every child’s toolbox. Let us find out and put the shells, conch, starfish, etc. we found into the container.

(You can pick up shells freely, or you can pick up shells in various ways such as quantity, color, and category.)


The sun is about to set, how did the little conch get home? (Riding the waves, reluctantly going home.)

Through today’s trip, what wish does Little Conch have? (It also wants to travel more places.)

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