Kindergarten Courses – K1 Health, Doctor Diddi

With interesting stories and on-site experience, children are interested and active in learning.

Activity goal

➤ Perceive and understand the content of the story.

➤Know that you should go to the doctor when you are sick and be a brave child.

➤ Through observation, discussion, orally express the performance of the characters in the story.

Activity procedure

  1. The animal is sick

➤The teacher received an emergency call, saying that the small animals in the forest were sick, and this is troublesome. Can not participate in the Forest Games.

➤Look, what happened to the animals in the forest? (Guide the children to observe the picture) How do you know they have a cold? (The snot is coming out)

➤Do you know who they are? (Guess based on the characteristics: the teacher doesn’t say what kind of animal it is, let the children observe and tell the reason why they think it is)

➤The little animals are sick and feel very uncomfortable, what should they do? Children, can you think of a way for them? (Guide the children to introduce their own methods, and think according to their own life experience in the communication, for example: tell the family, go to the hospital, call 120 emergency calls, etc. in serious cases. Finally, the teacher’s summary: the best way to find out that you are sick is to go to the doctor immediately )

  1. Appreciate the story “Doctor Didi”

➤There is a famous Dr. Didi living in the forest. He is busy treating the animals! Let’s listen to the story of Dr. Didi. When you are listening to the story, help the teacher remember what diseases the animals have ? How Dr. Dee Dee treated them.

➤The teacher plays the desk story audio once, and the children appreciate it.

  1. Let’s help Dr. Didi and treat the animals.

(Through the courseware game, further internalize that you need to see a doctor when you are sick, and tell your discomfort, and cooperate with the doctor’s treatment)

➤What’s wrong with Grandpa Turtle? (Fever)

How did Dr. Didi treat him? (Give him an injection) (Please ask the children to give the turtle grandfather an injection)

Grandpa tortoise has a hard shell and rough skin. He has been given several injections. What do you want to say to grandpa tortoise?

Did grandpa tortoise cry? (No, not a word)

If you were given an injection, would you cry? The injection is a little painful, but it will be fine if you bear with it. When children are sick, don’t be afraid of injections. Be a brave child and learn from Grandpa Turtle.

➤What’s wrong with Uncle Elephant? (The cold caused rhinitis)

How does it feel to have rhinitis? (Nose is itchy and uncomfortable, want to sneeze)

How did Dr. Didi treat him? (Give him nasal drops) (Please ask the children to give Uncle Elephant nasal drops)

How would Uncle Elephant feel if he dripped nose drops? (cool and comfortable)

How did Uncle Elephant do it? (no sound)

We children usually have to protect our noses and not do anything that hurts them. Protect the rest of your body, too.

➤The last one to see the doctor was the little monkey brother. What disease did he have? (Its performance was that it sneezed several times in a row)

Guess what Dr. Didi will say to the monkey when he sees it sneeze? (Dr. Didi will tell it to wear a mask when it sneezes or coughs, or put a handkerchief over its mouth and turn around.)

What method did Doctor Didi use to treat the little monkey brother? (Give him medicine) (Please ask the children to give the little monkey brother medicine)

How did the little monkey brother do it? (He swallowed the medicine without saying a word)

Summary and Encouragement

By recalling the storyline, the tortoise grandpa is not afraid of injections, the little monkey brother is not afraid of taking medicine, and the elephant uncle is not afraid of nasal drops. The animals bravely accept the treatment and let the children know that injections and taking medicine are not terrible, as long as they bear it. Yes, encourage children to be as brave as animals.

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