Kindergarten Courses – K2 Science, Growing Chickens

Activity goal

  1. Understand the growth process of chicks;
  2. Develop observation and language skills;
  3. Have love for small animals.

activity preparation

  1. Chicken growth video;
  2. Prepare a cock crowing audio for import.

Activity procedure

  1. Guess the riddle or play the audio import

★Guessing fun

Puzzle: It looks like a yellow ball from a distance, but it looks fluffy up close. Chirp chirp chirp, love to eat bugs. (Hit an animal) Answer: Chicken

Puzzle: The little yellow fur is like a ball, and dare not swim in the water like a duck. (Hit an animal) Answer: Chicken

Puzzle: Pointy mouth, floral sweater, loves to eat bugs and millet, furry all over, chirping when talking. (Hit an animal) Answer: Chicken

★Guide children to learn riddles

  1. Understand the growth process of chicks

(Appreciate the video, guide the children to speak and discuss, and the teacher’s summary)

★Do you want to know the chick in the riddle? Let’s watch a video about chicks. When watching, please remember the difference between the chicks before they were born, when they were born, when they were growing up, and after they grew up. (Appreciate the video of the chick’s growth process)

★Egg Is a chick a chick before it is born? no. what is that? It’s an egg.

Does anyone know where the eggs come from? Mother chicken was born.

After the mother hen lays eggs, are the chicks born? No, mother hens still need to hatch eggs. (Eggs need to be kept at about 37.5 degrees Celsius, and it takes 21 days from hatching to chick hatching.)

What do eggs look like?

★Birth How is the chick born? Peck the eggshell by yourself, slowly peck it open, get out, wait for a while, and then you can move.

What does a newborn chick look like? Light yellow and fluffy.

Voice: whisper chirp chirp

★Growth Do children know what chickens eat to grow up? Grain, vegetable leaves, bugs…

What happens to the body of a chick that eats food and grows slowly? As they grow taller, they will molt and their voice will change.

★grow up

What will the chicken become when it grows up? There are beautiful feathers, a comb grows, and the voice changes.

★Review the four stages of the chicken’s body, voice characteristics, and the food it eats.

  1. Arranging activities (group activities, working together)

★There are four brothers in the chicken family, one is a big rooster brother, one is a growing chick, and a newborn chick brother, and the other is a sleeping egg. One day, the chicken father brought back delicious bugs and vegetable leaves from outside, and asked the chicken family brothers to line up in order from small to large. Now ask the little ones to help and line up the chicks. (Children are grouped on the desk to sort the growth process of the chicks)

  ★After finishing the arrangement, ask each child to introduce the chick in a picture to the group, and talk about who it is and what its characteristics are.


★Which one of the chicken family did the children introduce in the group just now?

★Which one of the chicken family is your favorite? what is it like What kind of food does it like to eat?

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