Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Puzzle Games 1, Catch The Finishes

Activity goal

  1. Understand the appearance characteristics and living habits of koi fish;
  2. Through the game of catching carp, exercise hands-on ability, computing ability and cooperation ability;
  3. Like group independent inquiry activities.

Activity preparation

Prepare paper and pens for recording quantities.

Activity procedure

1 scene introduction

★The water lily pond in the park is surrounded by many tourists. It turns out that people are watching the koi fishes.

Koi fishes are dressed in beautiful clothes, some are orange, some are red, some are white, some are blue, some have natural patterns, some are noble and pure one color.

Whenever tourists throw fish food, a group of cheerful and clever koi fishes will gather, and the food will be snatched up as soon as it falls into the water.

After they are full, the koi fishes will also go out in groups. This healthy physique and elegant movements are like the beauties of the Tang Dynasty in the picture, competing for beauty!

★Have you ever seen a koi carp?

Where did you see it?

Shall we go to the water lily pond to see the koi fishes together?

2 Knowing Koi Fishes (open the courseware)

★Kids, look for it, where is the koi fish?

What color are they?

Which one do you think looks best?

★Koi carp is a kind of carp, and it is also an ornamental fish. It is called “a work of art that can swim” and is very popular all over the world.

★How big is the koi fish that the children saw?

The koi fish commonly seen are equivalent to the size of ordinary carp, and the largest koi fish that people have seen can reach 1-1.5 meters in length.

★What color is the koi fish that the children see?

Available in red, orange, yellow, white, black, and blue, they have different body patterns, some with spots, some with patterns and patterns, and some with solid colors.

Do the kids have any experience feeding fish?

Do you know what food Koi fishes like to eat?

They like to eat small creatures in the water, aquatic plants and fish food.

Does anyone know where the koi fishes live?

Koi fishes are relatively easy to keep, and they can live in park ponds or in home or office aquariums. As long as the water temperature is between 2°C and 30°C, feeding on time is fine.

★If the breeding method is correct, the life span of a koi fish can reach 70 years or even longer.

3 Carp catching game

(Children sitting around MedoAcitve desks naturally form a group)

★Having learned so much about koi fishes, do children want to play with koi fishes?

★Next, let’s play a game of “catch carp”. (The teacher turns on the voice of the help content in the courseware) Let’s listen to how this game is played.

★Now ask each child to find out the fish tank from his toolbox, and “catch” the koi fishes in the water lily pond into the fish tank.

★Count after completion, how many of each color, how many groups add up, and record the total. The group members line up the fish tanks together to see which tank has the most koi fishes of each color and which tank has the least.

Activities can be varied

1) Children’s independent activities. After the completion, count the number of koi fishes of each color in the group, calculate the total, and try to record the results.

2) Carry out activities by goal, such as:

According to the number of koi fishes: the group catches 30 koi fishes together.

According to the number of fish tanks: find 4 fish tanks for each group to play.

According to color 1: the first and third groups catch red and white ones, and the second and fourth groups catch orange and black ones.

By color 2: Each group catches koi fishes of two colors.

According to the pattern: the first and third groups catch patterns, and the second and fourth groups catch solid colors.

According to the direction: the first and third groups catch koi fishes that swim from the teacher’s right hand to the left hand side, and the second and fourth groups catch koi that swim in the opposite direction.

By category: the group will classify the koi fishes and catch them in the fish tank, and finally see how many categories there are and how many of each category there are.

Interesting method 1: The first and third groups catch koi fishes passing under the water lily, and the second and fourth groups catch koi fishes in the center of the pond and those that have not passed under the water lily.

Interesting method 2: Each member of the group finds a fish tank, and catches koi fishes for the fish tanks of the friends by giving each other, and cannot put them into their own fish tanks.

After each activity is completed, you can count the koi fishes of different colors and patterns, calculate the total, record the results, and line up the fish tanks.


Check the record results of each group, praise the groups that cooperate happily and have clear records, and encourage children to learn teamwork and know the importance of collaboration.

Review knowledge: What did the children know about koi fishes today?

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