Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Biologics, Human Life

Activity goal

  1. acquainted with a person’s life;
  2. Have a certain understanding of the various stages of human life;
  3. Know how to take care of your body.

Activity procedure

  1. Story import example:

➤The little girl Miaomiao was criticized by her father for not doing her homework on Saturday morning because she was playful. After Miao Miao finished her homework very seriously in the afternoon, it was not time for meal, so she asked her mother who was busy in the kitchen to watch TV for a while. But because of being criticized in the morning, I am still a little unhappy. When she turned on the TV and a program called “The Journey of Life” was playing, Miaomiao was immediately attracted.

➤The show tells about a young couple getting married, and then they have a baby.

Parents-to-be take good care of the baby in their womb, go for regular check-ups, prenatal education, and rest on time. Slowly, the mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, the baby will kick the mother’s belly, and the parents are very happy.

The lovely baby boy was born, and the family took good care of him. But he is not sensible, he will cry when he is hungry, thirsty, or want to sleep, which keeps the family very busy. But Mom and Dad were not angry. The baby boy grew up slowly, learned to walk, could talk, and started to go to school.

Mom and Dad have to work during the day and accompany the baby boy to study at night and on weekends. The family always loves him very much. The baby boy gradually grew taller, went to elementary school, junior high school, and university, and then came out to work and started a family. He and his wife also had a baby.

At this time, his parents’ hair was already gray, and he often thought of his parents’ love for him. Once his father was sick, he stood by and guarded because he wanted to repay his father with the same love. See here, the show is over.

➤ Miaomiao was very touched, she thought: “This is how a person’s life is. It turns out that when I was young, I would be ignorant and cry. My parents are just like the parents in the show, who gave me a lot of love, and I will also be a mother in the future…” When Miaomiao thought this way, she was no longer angry, and felt ashamed of her ignorance.

  1. Recognize the stages of a person’s life

➤From the story just now, we learned that where did the baby come from in the first place?

Fertilized eggs: When the parents get married, the seeds of life in the parents’ bodies begin to germinate and grow. This is the fertilized egg. It becomes a living little fetus.

➤What changes happened to the mother’s body next? The belly is getting bigger and bigger, this is the fetus.

Fetus: It begins to grow into an adult slowly, with a head, hands and feet, and five sense organs. The umbilical cord is connected in the mother’s body and absorbs the nutrients of life. After growing up slowly, there will be fetal movement, and the sound can be heard, so prenatal education can be carried out. The mother was born after ten months of pregnancy.

➤ What happened next? The baby is born.

Infants: Birth ~ 1 year old. Food: Breast milk, or milk, can’t talk, cry, can’t walk yet, will sit up and crawl in about a few months. Weak memory, eyes can distinguish few colors. When going out, an adult needs to hold or sit in a stroller, and diapers need to be wrapped.

➤What happens when the baby is 1 year old?

Toddlers: 1~4 years old, slowly start to eat more kinds of food, walk around 1 year old, talk around 2 years old, start kindergarten at 3 years old, have their own little friends, like to play with toys, like big body movements Activities, like listening to stories, curiosity.

➤Childhood: 5~11 years old, the body grows rapidly, lively and active, likes sports, often walks by running. From kindergarten to elementary school, new knowledge is constantly absorbed, and the mind is also growing rapidly.

➤Juvenile: 12~18 years old, the body gradually grows to the height of an adult, and the body is at the strongest time in life. Enter adolescence and have your own circle of friends. In middle school and high school, studying can be very busy. I will also help with some housework at home. Have your own plans and ideals for the future.

➤Adults (including youth and middle age): 19~59 years old, after finishing their studies, they start to enter the society and work. Marry, raise children, support parents. Start taking on the responsibilities and pressures you deserve. After the age of 30, the body is not as good as before, and you start to pay attention to diet and living habits, and draw up a plan for exercising.

➤Aged over 60 years old: the physical condition is not as good as before. His hair is white, his eyes are presbyopic, his ears are back, his back is hunchbacked, his legs and feet are inconvenient to walk, he is on crutches, and his memory is very poor. Special attention will be paid to health. I also like to communicate with my family more. It needs companionship, communication, and proper exercise.

  1. Activity:

We have studied the various stages of a person’s life, and then we will play a game.

Everyone works in groups on the desks. The group works together to place pictures of each stage of a person’s life on the middle turntable in order from beginning to end. And in the group, talk about the time, physical characteristics, health status, activities, personal responsibilities, etc. of each stage of life.

(Children are grouped into activities, the teacher tours and guides, and finally leads everyone to check the completion of each group. And ask each group member to talk about the harvest of this lesson.)

Activity Summary

Through this activity, we know that each stage of a person’s life has different times, different physical characteristics, and different health conditions, activities and personal responsibilities.

What are your responsibilities in childhood?

Does your body need to be protected? How to protect it?

Should children listen to their parents? We must fulfill our responsibilities at every stage, protect our bodies, and repay the love of our parents.

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