Kindergarten Courses – K3 Language, My Family

Activity goal

  1. Know the English names of family members, as well as the English pronunciation of toys, musical instruments, and pets;
  2. Can use “love” and “like” to make consecutive sentences, and master 3-5 sentences in each lesson according to the child’s level;
  3. Like English activities, love family and friends.

Activity procedure

01 Scene introduction

Let me introduce a new friend to you, his name is Peter. Peter lives in a happy family. He has grandpa, grandma, father, mother, brother, and sister. Peter likes to play football, his brother likes to play the violin, and his sister likes to play the piano. They have many toys, such as building blocks, balls, and teddy bears. Peter has many good friends. They go to school together, play on slides and swings together. Do children want to be friends with Peter?

02 Know the English titles of family members

(Open “Learning English 1” on the desk) Let’s get to know Peter’s family and friends, as well as toys, musical instruments and pets. With a little finger, you can hear its English name, and the children will read it along.

My Family, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, My Friends, Love , Like (like), Cat (cat), Dog (dog), Football (football), Piano (piano), Violin (violin), Slide (slide), Swing (swing), Teddy (teddy bear), Toy ( Toys), Ball (ball)

(Using games, for example: each child clicks on a character, and everyone reads together; divide children/teachers, boys/girls, into groups, and guess the word together.)

Connect people and things with love and learn sentences.

The children have already met Peter’s family and friends, and know the English titles of the family members. Would we like to introduce our family to the children in English?

Children can find a cartoon character in the toolbox to represent themselves. Click on the character, and you will hear “I”, which means “I”.

One heart represents “love”, which means “love”, and multiple hearts represent “like”, which means “like”. Children read along.

Put “love” between “me” and “family and friends”, put “like” between “me” and pets, toys, and musical instruments. Click on the cartoon character representing “I”, and you can hear a complete sentence. The children will read it and learn to introduce our family in English.

For example: I love my family. I love my family. I love my father. I love my father. I love my mother. I love my mother. I love my brother. I love my brother/brother. I love my sister. I love my older sister/sister. I love my friends. I love my friends. I love my grandfather. I love my grandfather. I love my grandmother. I love my grandmother.

I like cat. I like cats. I like dog. I like dogs. I like football. I like football. I like piano. I like piano. I like violin. I like violin. I like slide. I like slide. I like swing. I like swing. I like teddy. I like teddy. I like toy. I like toys.

My sister like piano. My sister/sister likes piano. My brother like football. My brother/brother like football. My friends like slide. My friends like slide.

(The children sitting around the MedoActive desks naturally form a group, and they can freely combine sentence patterns. Each child takes turns to introduce their family to their friends in English.)


Do children love their family? What musical instruments, toys, pets do children like? Learn to speak English.

Children are willing to tell your family and friends in English, do you love them? Would you like to introduce your family to others in English?

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