Kindergarten Courses – K1 Math, Parking By Features

Activity goals and preparation

  1. Understand the formation of 2 and 3, know that adding 1 to 1 is 2, recognize and read the number 2; know that adding 2 to 1 is 3, and recognize and read the number 3.
  2. Learn to count objects within 5 points from left to right, and be able to tell the total number;
  3. Able to classify objects according to their three characteristics. Know big, medium and small;
  4. Prepare 1~5 number cards.

Activity procedure

01 Topic introduction

Children, what kind of car do you like to ride in?

Do you like to ride in a small car, a medium-sized car, or a big bus?

The teacher’s favorite car is…

02 Recognize numbers and points

Recognize numbers 2, 3, cars with points less than 5, and tell the total (open the MedoActive course application on the big screen)

★Today we are all going to be little drivers and carry out parking activities. do you know? When taking the driver’s license test, parking is a relatively difficult test, and many people fail to pass it. Today you are all going to be little drivers to park, isn’t it great?

★To park the car well and at the correct location, we need to see what the parking lot looks like? What are the signs for the parking lot? P

Let’s see how many parking lots there are? (three car parks)

What’s the difference between the three parking lots? (large, medium, small)

How many places are there in each parking lot? (2 big, 3 medium, 3 small)

(Use the location of the parking lot and cooperate with the digital card to explain the formation of 2 and 3. If you know that adding 1 to 1 is 2, you can recognize and read the number 2; if you know that adding 1 to 2 is 3, you can recognize and read the number 3)

★What vehicles need to be parked? (cars, vans, school buses, buses)

What color are they? Are they the same size? which one is your favourite?

(The teacher drags the vehicle to the parking space, uses the vehicle and digital cards to teach the children to learn to count the objects within 5 from left to right in agreement with the hand and mouth, and name the total)

03 Activities

(Open the MedoActive desk and carry out group activities, first select a group leader, and explain the responsibilities of the group leader and team members)

We’ve looked at the parking lot and we know what vehicles need to be parked. Next, we will all be small drivers and carry out parking activities. Each team works together and takes turns parking the vehicle in the appropriate location by size. The teacher wants to see which group cooperates best and the vehicle is parked in the most correct position. To give their team a gold medal driver team title.


The teacher guides during the activity, checks and comments at the end of the activity, interviews the children what they have learned today, and leads the review of the activity goals.

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