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The MedoActive interactive desk is similar to Apple’s Ipad in appearance and function, but the size is comparable to the desktop of the desk. It adopts capacitive touch screen technology, and the desk can be used by multiple students at the same time.

As a desk, the interactive desk is completely designed in accordance with the standard of daily desks, and adopts the principle of ergonomics, which meets the physical growth needs of kindergarten, primary and middle school students. Due to the adoption of a new integrated overall design, the interactive desk has a neat appearance, free from the shackles of various connecting wires behind the PC in the past, 55” super large high-definition LCD panel, the surface is protected by anti-blue light tempered safety glass, supports wireless Internet access, and it also allows multiple students to use headphones at the same time.

MedoActive Interactive Desk breaks through the threshold limit of the current touch mode, with up to 60 points of touch sensing and gesture recognition, allowing students to respond in groups at the same time, which is convenient for students to carry out group discussions, group cooperative performances, and exercise expression skills. Make classroom teaching truly reflect the vitality.

MedoActive interactive desks may replace traditional paper textbooks. Teachers can send lecture content to each desk, and students can complete homework on their own desks. If teachers want students to read aloud, electronic versions of texts can be sent to assigned desks.

The MedoActive interactive desk will effectively promote student-centered participatory teaching. Students can mark their own avatars or other symbols on the desk to mark out their own territory. When in collaborative mode, it can be used with others.

The MedoActive interactive desk is connected to the teacher’s equipment (such as an electronic whiteboard, etc.). The teacher can show and guide the learning process of each group, observe the students’ learning, and provide timely help.

By introducing the MedoActive interactive desk into the classroom, the previous teacher-centered teaching model has been changed, and a new student-centered classroom model has been truly realized. Teachers have truly become guides and counselors, stimulating students’ initiative , Creativity, to achieve interesting learning, easy to teach, thereby improving classroom learning performance.

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