Kindergarten Courses – K1 Language, The number (one ~ twenty)

Activity goal

  1. Perceive the correspondence between the word one to twenty and the numbers 1-20;
  2. Can accurately say the word one to twenty;
  3. Willing to participate in group activities.

The difficulty of the activity

Focus: Perceive the correspondence between the word one to twenty and the numbers 1-20.

Difficulties: Can accurately say the word one to twenty.

Activity preparation

Familiar with the song “Ten Little Indians”, arrange a simple rhythm dance for the song.

Activity procedure

  1. Learn to sing nursery rhymes

(The courseware screen is displayed on the big screen. The teacher finds out the lyrics from the toolbox, zooms in on the lyrics, teaches reading and explaining the lyrics, teaches rhythm by sentence, and teaches singing songs.)

(Click on the lyrics page to play the song, and the children follow the teacher’s rhythm and sing the nursery rhyme.)

(After learning the song, put the lyrics into the recycle bin and close the recycle bin. Or select “Restart” in the toolbox to return to the initial page of the courseware.)

  1. Recognize words

Can children find where one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten appear in the song on the conveyor belt?

What other words are there on the conveyor belt?

And eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

There are many cards on the desk, and each card has a number and a fruit or vegetable.

Ask the children to count, is the number of fruits on each card the same as the number on the card?

Click the cards with little hands, listen to the English words of numbers, and read the words.

  1. Find friends with cards

Let the children play the card find friends game together. The group members work together, first place the cards on the table in the order of numbers 1-20. Then find the word from the conveyor belt and drag the word into the card.

Just tap the cards and words with your little hands, and you can hear its pronunciation. Find a friend for the card by listening to the pronunciation, observing the text.

The MedoActive desk will automatically detect, and only when the correct word is found can the card be dragged in.

Finally, compare which group cooperates best and completes the fastest.


With the help of the children, all the cards found their friends. This is an interesting game. Only by knowing the number words can you find them quickly and accurately. Now let’s play a little game.

(Use the guessing game method, the teacher says the word, and the child guesses the number, or the teacher says the number, and the child guesses the word, so as to deepen the memory.)

(Hand to mouth, say the words one to twenty in order.)

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