Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Biologics, Find Animals

Activity goal

  1. Recognize the names and appearance characteristics of common animals;
  2. Able to cooperate with group members to guess the shadows of animals in the game;
  3. Like animals and have the interest of continuing to explore.

Activity procedure

  1. Scenario introduction

The animals are playing a guessing game.

The first pair are the shadows of two animals, one large and one small.

The big one has a long nose, two fan-like ears, and legs like four small pillars; the small one has two erect ears, short front legs and long back legs, with a short tail.

The second pair is the shadows of two animals, one tall and one short.

The short one is furry, has a small flat mouth, and the soles of the feet are like maple leaves; the tall one is strong and majestic, with a long face, four legs, long mane on the neck and tail.

Can the children guess what animals these shadows are?

The first pair is an elephant and a bunny, and the second pair is a duck and a horse.

  1. Get to know animals (interactive desks display courseware screens)

Which animals take part in the shadow guessing game? Do your kids recognize these animals?

There are cows, squirrels, rabbits, horses, elephants, dogs, sheep, pigs, roosters, ducks, geese.

Children count, how many animals are there?

Let’s play a game. Each child introduces a small animal here, and we can use our language and actions to tell everyone what this animal is like.

For example, when we introduce the little duck, we can say this: the little duck is short and fluffy all over. Will feed in water. The sound it calls is “quack quack”.

  1. Guess the shadow game

Next, let’s play a shadow guessing game with the animals.

There is a shadow of an animal in the middle of the desk, the group members guess who it is, and find the same animal from the surrounding cards. If you click correctly, the card will disappear, if you click wrong, the card will not disappear, and will be turned over, accompanied by a sound. Until all the team members find the shadow animal, the pass screen will appear, click on the screen to enter the next level.

The second level is more challenging and has more animals. Who are they?

The second level has pigs, cats, dogs, cows, horses, roosters, hens, ducks, rabbits, monkeys, lions, elephants, squirrels, cows, tigers, turtles, and sheep.

Which animal’s shadow is in the middle?

What kind of animals are there in the third level? Can anyone tell the teacher their names?

They are goose, cat, dog, pig, cow, horse, deer, rooster, elephant, monkey, lion, duck, tiger, koala, cow, sheep, turtle, panda.

Have any children found that there are different pictures here, but they are of the same animal? can you find it?

There are roosters, dogs, pigs, elephants, lions, etc.

Which animal is in the middle? Can you guys find it?

Do kids like to play guess the shadow game? You can play again by selecting the “Restart” button in the toolbox.


Do children have any tricks in playing the game of guessing the shadow? How can I find it accurately and quickly? Will there be a time to find a mistake? (Representatives of each group are invited to share)

Which animal do the children like most today? Why? (Guide the children to name and characterize the animals)

Animals are good friends of human beings, we need to know them and live in harmony with them.

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