Kindergarten Courses – K2 Health, Masks And His Friends

Activity goal

  1. Know all kinds of masks and learn the four-step method of wearing masks correctly;
  2. Know who each mask is suitable for and what environment to wear;
  3. Help others, love healthy activities.

Activity procedure

01 Guess who they are?

★Mask Master brought 12 animal friends today, they are hiding in the children’s tokens, please find them out, and guess who they are?

★Some children said that they are monkeys, squirrels, tigers, lions, cats, ducks, rabbits, pandas, brown bears, sheep, pigs, and goats. Yes, not bad. But they have another identity, point the little animal with your finger, it will tell you who it is!

★Know what kind of people the small animals represent: please tell the teacher, who are they?

Monkey – carpenter, squirrel – citizen, tiger – construction worker, lion – office worker, cat – people in the epidemic area, duck – doctor, rabbit – passenger, giant panda – patient, brown bear – student, sheep – epidemic prevention staff, pig – miner , Goat – Nurse. (A little explanation can be given to let the children know these groups of people)

★Connective language: The masks for small animals are all used up, and now we need someone to help distribute masks for small animals. Would the children be willing to help?

02 Listen to the confession of Mr. Mask

Before distributing masks, let’s get to know what masks are available. There is a mask gentleman here, click a little, you can hear its confession. (Every time after listening to a recording, the teacher guides the children to know the name, shape, function, wearer, suitable environment, and precautions of this mask. Then listen to the next one.)

Cotton mask

I am a cotton mask, and I am wearing clothes with exquisite patterns. Can children find me? I can keep warm and windproof, but when I encounter a virus, I can’t do anything. People often wear me when they go out in winter, or when they ride a bike. do you remember me

Disposable Medical Nonwoven Mask

Hi, children, hello! I am your good friend, disposable medical non-woven mask. You can see me in hospitals and pharmacies. I like to wear white and blue clothes (of course I also have clothes of other colors). Because of the non-woven material, I can effectively prevent viruses. Children can wear me for daily protection and anti-virus, be careful not to reuse it!

Activated carbon mask

I am an activated carbon mask, and I am gray-black. It can filter toxic gases and germs, such as formaldehyde. But I can’t antivirus. I am suitable for wearing in newly renovated office buildings, crowded buses, densely populated streets and other places.

Dust mask

I am a dust mask, and I am usually cup-shaped with a breathing valve. When people hear my name, they will know my function. Yes, I can prevent dust and protect human respiratory organs. I’m good friends with construction workers, miners, carpenters, pharmacy and sanders too!

N95 mask

I am an N95 mask, and my shape is folded or cup-shaped, and some have breathing valves. I have better protection than disposable medical non-woven masks and can isolate smaller viruses. But I fit the face of the human body very well. When wearing me, breathing will be a bit difficult, so it is not suitable for children who are too young to wear me. In addition, with a breathing valve, I can only protect the person wearing it, not the people around me. People will wear me in hospitals, areas with high incidence of infectious diseases, and densely populated places.

03 Learn the four-step method of wearing a mask correctly

★We have already met Mr. Mask, now do children know how to wear a mask correctly? Let’s listen to what Mr. Mask said:

★How to wear a disposable medical non-woven mask? There are four steps to wearing a mask correctly:

The first step is to wash your hands: you need to wash your hands before wearing a mask, so as to ensure that the wearing process is hygienic.

The second step is to distinguish the direction: the mask is divided into inner and outer and upper and lower. The lighter and rougher is the inner surface, and the metal strip is the upper end.

Step 3, Wearing: After ensuring that the mask is in the correct direction, cover the mouth, nose and chin with the mask, and hang the ropes at both ends on the ears.

Step 4, Adjustment: Use both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the bridge of the nose, and then stretch the mask downwards to open the folds of the mask to better cover the mouth and nose. Try to fit the edge of the mask to the face as much as possible. That’s it, come and try wearing a mask!

★The above is the confession of Mr. Mask and how to wear a mask. Children should know that masks are not a panacea during the high incidence of the epidemic. The key is to reduce going to crowded places and protect your body so that you can grow up happily!

04Game of distributing masks for small animals

Next, ask the children to distribute suitable masks for the small animals and find the scenes that belong to them. This is a level-breaking game. Put the small animal that has received the mask into the correct environment, and it will pass the level successfully. Groups will evaluate to see which group completes the fastest and most correctly. After completion, you can select the “Restart” button, and you can use different small animals to pass the level and play again.


★Little animals thank you very much for your help, so that they all received the most suitable masks. In addition to what we know today, what other masks do children know?

There are gauze masks, sponge masks, dust masks…

★Do children know which mask can prevent viruses?

Disposable medical non-woven masks, N95 and above masks.

★In addition to masks, what other anti-epidemic items do children know?

Protective masks, protective glasses, medical protective clothing, protective boots, protective shoe covers, gloves, alcohol, disinfectant wipes, infrared thermometers…

Children can learn about these anti-epidemic items and see what they do, and tell the teacher and friends what you find next time.

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