Kindergarten Courses – K1 Language, Capital Letters

Activity goal

  1. Learn to sing the nursery rhyme “The Alphabet Song”;
  2. Recognize 26 capital English letters and arrange them in order. (According to the child’s acceptance level, select a few letters as the key memory);
  3. Cultivate interest in learning English.


Focus: Learn to sing the nursery rhyme “The Alphabet Song”

Difficulties: Recognize 26 capital English letters and arrange them in order.

activity preparation

The teacher first familiarizes himself with the song “The Alphabet Song” that appears in the courseware, and arranges simple rhythmic dances for the song.

Activity procedure

01 Learn to sing nursery rhymes

(The courseware screen is displayed on the big screen. The teacher finds the lyrics page from the toolbox, zooms in to a suitable size, and clicks to play the nursery rhyme.)

1) Teaching and reading lyrics;

2) Explain the meaning of the lyrics;

3) Sentences teach simple rhythmic dances;

4) Play audio and sing nursery rhymes in various ways, such as boys/girls, teachers/students, etc.

02 Recognize 26 uppercase English letters

(According to the child’s acceptance level, select a few letters as the key memory)

(Guide children to remember the shapes of letters through imagination, such as: A is like an iron tower; B is like an ear/horizontal like an owl’s eyes; C is like a crescent moon; D is like a harp/bow; E is like a bookshelf/comb; F is like a flag; G Like a fist; H like a ladder/chair; I like a telephone pole; J like a fishhook; K like a petrel/a person doing morning exercises; L like a boot/golf club; M like a gate/mountain; N like lightning; O like resurrection Easter egg/hula hoop; P is like a hat/reed, which is a parking lot sign; Q is like a balloon/drum; R is like an old man with a cane/goldfish; S is like a silkworm/snake; T is like a hammer/nail/a gentleman with a hat; U is like a glass; V is like a funnel/victory gesture; W is like two connected victory gestures; X is like scissors; Y is like a zipper/slingshot/tree; Z is like a duckling.)

03 Writing letters

Children can find out the “job board” from the toolbox, learn to write letters, and “print” them as electronic pictures.

You can also find out the “keyboard” from the toolbox, familiarize yourself with the position of letters on the keyboard, and output letters.

04 Unwrapping gifts

The parachute brought many lovely gift boxes, guess what’s inside?

The group members work together to take down the gift and open it to see what it is.

It turned out to be alphabet biscuits, can children recognize these letters?

Ask the children to put these letter biscuits into the corresponding boxes, so that the 26 letters are arranged in order.

After the completion, the two groups checked each other and compared which group completed the best.


Did the children discover any tricks when placing the alphabet cookies?

How can it be placed quickly and accurately?

Do children like the song “The Alphabet Song” learned today? Who would you like to sing this song to?

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