Use Case 6 – Special Children Education

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Features of MedoActive Interactive Desk
55-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen;
40-point touch interaction supports 6 people at the same time;
There are more than 100 types of special effect courseware;
More than 60 types of interactive tools;
Support sound, picture, video multimedia;
Provide hundreds of application courseware support;

2. Application Scenario-Special Children Education

The education of mentally handicapped children has become a social concern. There are currently about 20 million mentally handicapped people in China, and about 200,000 newborns with mentally handicapped are born every year. Mentally handicapped not only brings long-term pain to the children themselves, but also brings great harm to the family. In addition to mental and economic pressure, it also leads to many social problems. Therefore, it is of great significance to rehabilitate mentally handicapped children and make them return to society.

So far, the pathogenesis of autism, one of the major intellectual disabilities, is still unclear, and there is a lack of effective drug treatment. The vast majority of children need long-term educational training and behavioral intervention. Studies have proved that early special education intervention is an important link affecting their recovery. Through timely and effective education, training and assistance, the situation of most autistic patients can be improved.

The role of autism rehabilitation service institutions is irreplaceable. Rehabilitation training is the most effective way to improve the current situation of children with autism, and early childhood is the golden period. Whether children with autism can receive effective rehabilitation treatment is not only related to their own destiny, but also affects the stability of the family and society.

The lack of autism rehabilitation majors in domestic colleges and universities has led to a lack of professional front-line rehabilitation teachers in rehabilitation institutions to formulate and implement corresponding rehabilitation plans for children. In addition, the environment and equipment are particularly important for the rehabilitation training of autistic patients. Currently, rehabilitation Most of the training equipment in institutions is old and cannot arouse the interest of patients. Therefore, it is very important and urgent to introduce advanced equipment and courseware tailored to the characteristics of mentally handicapped patients.

3. Advantages of the intelligent special education platform:

According to the characteristics of mentally handicapped patients,
Write professional teaching materials to make them practical, rich and diverse.

Through the intelligent terminal to further improve the teaching process, develop and share high-quality courses.

Adjusting the courseware based on practical experience feedback can improve the rehabilitation effect.

Each treatment institution has its own training method, so that a training plan can be formulated according to the special situation of each child. ;

Studies have shown that the most effective method is also interactive game therapy. Our training content should include adjusting the psychological state of parents, promoting the interaction between parents and autism, and helping children to train at home.

4. Layout recommendations:

Taking a mentally handicapped rehabilitation institution with 240 people as an example, according to the situation of mentally handicapped children, it is recommended to put 20 interactive terminals. Each terminal can allow up to 2 children to be online at the same time. Each activity is limited to 1 hour, and it is open for 6 hours a day. It can meet the needs of 240 people per day and up to 1200 people per week. On average, each mentally handicapped patient can perform rehabilitation training 5 times a week (1 hour each time). See the table below for details:

Special Organization SizeSuggest Desk Number1 Hour Online UsersDaily ParticipantsWeekly Available SeatsWeekly Uses Per Kid

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