Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Biologics, Find Hidden Animals

Activity goal

  1. Understand that each animal has a suitable environment for survival;
  2. Be able to find habitats for the animals appearing in the courses;
  3. Love animals and have the consciousness of protecting animals.

Activity procedure

  1. Story import

There are many precious animals in the safari park, such as crocodiles, elephants, and giraffes. One day, the animals collectively escaped from their habitat. The crocodile fled to the woods, but it was not used to life here at all; the giraffe fled to the stream, but it had no leaves to eat. After the elephant left its habitat, it felt extremely lonely, and it searched for companions on the grassland alone.

The animals are now looking forward to returning to their habitat, but they have traveled too far and can’t find their way. Is there anyone willing to help them and bring them back to their homes safely? Are the children willing to help them?

  1. Which animals left their habitat?

Let’s come to the safari park together, what sound did the children hear?

The sound of running water, the sounds of birds and animals.

Children look for it, which animals have left their habitats?

There are elephants, chimpanzees, lions, crocodiles, parrots, giraffes.

Do your kids know what they sound like? Want to know?

With just a tap of your finger, you can hear the sounds of animals.

  1. Find hidden animals

Now let’s find animals together and bring them back to their habitats.

First find the “role selector” in the token, which tells the children which animals to look for (it can also be replaced by the teacher’s password). Swipe the background to see the whole picture of the safari park. Some animals may be hidden, children should look for them carefully.

After finding the animal, we need to find the animal’s habitat through the wooden sign, and then bring the animal back.

You also need to find the pictogram on the edge of the zoo, press and hold the box inside the pictogram, and the shadow of the animal will appear, and the number of animals found can be recorded here. Every time you find an animal, record it, and finally see how many animals were found and the number of each animal.

When we think we have found all the animals, we can use the “answer” in the token. Click on the answer to see the actual number of animals that need to be recovered. By comparing the number of pictogram records, you can know whether there are any hidden animals that have not been found until all are found.

In the end, let’s see which group can find out all the hidden animals, and find it the fastest, and the group members cooperate the most tacitly.


Where is the habitat of the animals? Where do lions live? Where do parrots, giraffes, elephants, chimpanzees, and crocodiles live?

Now, please send a representative from each group to share what difficulties you encountered in the process of finding animals, how to solve them, and what tricks you have to find animals quickly.

With the help of the children, the animals have successfully returned to their habitats, and they can live happily again!

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