Kindergarten Courses – K2 Health, Fighting Covid

Activity goal

✪ Understand the source, mode of transmission, and symptoms of infection of the new coronavirus;

✪ Know the right and wrong ways to prevent new coronary pneumonia;

✪ Apply what you have learned to your daily life.

Activity procedure

01 talk introduction

Have the children heard some reports about the new crown pneumonia? What have you heard?

02 discussion

★Where did the new coronavirus come from? How is it spread?

Teacher’s summary: The new coronavirus comes from wild animals and enters the human body mainly through the mouth, nose and eyes. There are droplet transmission and contact transmission. Droplets are produced when people talk, sneeze, cough, and spit, and the droplets of an infected person may carry the virus.

★What are the symptoms of new coronary pneumonia infection?

Teacher’s summary: People infected with new coronary pneumonia generally have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and dyspnea. Some infected people have mild or no symptoms.

★Do children know how to prevent new coronary pneumonia?

Connecting language: Some children said not to go out, some said to wash hands frequently, some said to exercise more… You all said it very well, let us summarize, what are the correct ways to prevent new coronary pneumonia?

03The correct way to prevent new coronary pneumonia

★Correct practice at home

✪Indoor ventilation: Frequently open windows for ventilation to keep the indoor air fresh, which can protect the human respiratory tract.

✪Protect against cold and keep warm: Avoid catching a cold. During a cold, the body’s resistance decreases and it is more likely to be infected with other diseases.

✪Drink plenty of water: Water can moisten the throat, which can effectively prevent respiratory infections, promote metabolism, help expel toxins and garbage from the body, and enhance immunity.

✪ Wash your hands frequently: Some viruses can survive on the surface of different substances outside the human body for a period of time. Our hands will often touch various items, so it is very important to wash your hands frequently. It is best to wash your hands for no less than 20 seconds each time.

✪ Cook the food before eating: the new coronavirus is not resistant to high temperature.

✪ Do not eat wild animals: Wild animals may carry viruses.

✪ See a doctor in time if symptoms such as fever and dry cough occur.


★The correct way to go out

✪Wear a mask: Try not to go out during the high incidence of new coronary pneumonia. If you have to go out, you must wear an anti-virus mask, such as a medical mask or an N95 mask.

✪ Avoid crowded places: Avoid staying in crowded places.

✪Perform personal hygiene: cover your sneeze and do not spit anywhere. Do not rub your eyes when you go out, and do not touch your facial features and face with your hands.

✪Keep a certain distance when talking: The new coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets.

✪Hand washing and disinfection: After going home, the first thing to do is to wash your hands carefully. It is best to take off your shoes and clothes and put them in a fixed place. You can spray alcohol in an appropriate amount for disinfection.

✪ Do not throw away the removed mask directly: first disinfect it with boiling water and then throw it into the designated trash can…

✪In addition to what we just said, what other correct ways do children know to prevent new coronary pneumonia?

★What is the wrong approach?

We have already learned a lot about the correct way to prevent new crown pneumonia. Do any children know what is the wrong way to prevent new crown pneumonia? (Discussion, teacher’s summary: it is the opposite of the correct method, such as not covering when sneezing, not keeping a certain distance when talking with others, discarding used masks at will…)

04 Distinguish which practices are correct

✪ Group hands-on activities: Identify the right and wrong ways to prevent new coronary pneumonia. (Children sitting around MedoActive desks naturally form a group)

Now please children carefully observe the desks, there are many things that happened during the new crown pneumonia, what are people doing? Are they doing it right? What should be done?

✪Please use the epidemic prevention knowledge we have learned today to classify these scenarios correctly, put the correct approach on the side of “√”, and put the wrong one on the side of “X”. Finally, click the automatic check function to check whether it is correct.


✪Through today’s event, what have you learned about the prevention of new coronary pneumonia?

Know that the new coronavirus comes from wild animals, and know that its transmission mode is through the mouth, nose, eyes, droplet transmission and contact transmission. Knowing that infected people will have symptoms of fever, dry cough, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. It will also distinguish between the correct and wrong ways to prevent new coronary pneumonia. The right way is… The wrong way is…

✪If someone around you doesn’t know the correct way to prevent new coronary pneumonia, would you like to tell him how to prevent it? Who do you want to share the knowledge you have learned today with?

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