Health, Wearing Masks

Activity goal

  1. Know that wearing a mask can effectively prevent diseases;
  2. Learn how to wear a mask correctly and understand the precautions;
  3. Awareness of protecting the health of oneself and others.

activity preparation

Each child has a clean medical non-woven mask. A collection of pictures of various types of masks. You can also prepare hand puppets and use them when summarizing.

activity procedure

  1. Story import

★ Virus failure report:

There was a serious infectious disease in a place, and everyone tried not to go out, and if they had to go out, they would wear anti-virus masks. A child told his mother that wearing a mask made his face feel hot and uncomfortable, and he didn’t like wearing a mask.

His mother told him a story called “Virus Failure Report”. In the story, the virus said: I have successfully infected many people in a certain place. When I wanted to develop in other cities, I encountered a serious failure. The reason is my arch-nemesis: face masks. We sent countless viruses to enter the human body through people’s mouths and noses, but they were all blocked by masks, leaving only a few viruses dying, and we all failed in the end!

After hearing this story, the kid no longer hated wearing a mask. Do you know why? Yes, because wearing a mask can protect us from the invasion of bacteria and viruses and prevent epidemic diseases.

  1. Discussion

★(The teacher shows a collection of different masks) There are many kinds of masks. Do you know which mask can prevent viruses? Medical non-woven masks, masks above N95 type.

★Do you know under what circumstances and in what environment do you need to wear a mask that can prevent viruses? In areas with high incidence of infectious diseases, during influenza, intensive care units, hospitals, densely populated places, etc.

★Do children know how to wear masks correctly?

Teacher’s summary: Some children said that they need to fold in half, and some children said that they should wash their hands first. Some children asked their family members or teachers to help wear them. Do you want to learn how to wear a mask by yourself? Let’s come to the MedoActive desk to learn the correct way to wear a mask!

  1. Learn how to wear a mask

★A big sister showed us how to wear a mask correctly at the MedoActive desk. There are six steps in total, do you know what the first step is? (Guide the children to follow the screen and operate the steps of wearing a mask)

The first step is to face the inside of the mask to yourself, the light and rough side is the inside, the dark and smooth side is the outside, and the end with the metal strip is facing up;

The second step is to fold the mask inward and then unfold it;

The third step is to hang the elastic bands on both sides to the ears;

The fourth step is to press both sides of the bridge of the nose with your fingers to make the mask close to the bridge of the nose;

The fifth step is to hold the upper side of the mask, and use the other hand to pull down the lower side of the mask to completely cover the mouth and nose;

Step 6 Breathe normally, making sure the nose and mouth are fully covered with no visible gaps.

Let’s go through it all.

★(Discussion) We have learned how to wear a mask. Does anyone know what to pay attention to when wearing a mask?

Teacher’s summary: Wash your hands before wearing a mask. Preferably not reused. If it is a disposable medical mask, it can only be used once. Wear it continuously for up to 6 hours a day. Masks with breathing valves can only protect the wearer, not those around them. Therefore, it is best for patients not to wear masks with breathing valves to avoid infecting people around them. The mask that has been worn is scalded with boiling water for disinfection, and then put into the designated trash can, which can better protect the health of others.

  1. Arrange the process of wearing masks

(Children sitting around MedoActive desks naturally form a group) Now please group members to work together and arrange the process of wearing masks in the correct order! After the arrangement is complete, click “√”, and the desk will automatically check whether it is correct. Finally, each group member took turns to introduce a step of wearing a mask to the small partners.


★Show the hand puppets and invite a few children to answer the questions about the small animals with the hand puppets to consolidate their knowledge.

The little animal wants to know how to wear the mask correctly, which enthusiastic child would like to tell it?

Are all masks anti-virus? No, the little animal said: In this way, I can’t tell the difference. Who is willing to tell me what kind of mask can prevent viruses?

In order to keep the little animals healthy, invite another child to share with the little animals what to pay attention to when wearing a mask! Who wants to share?

★Expansion The little animal said: You are all smart and caring children! Who do you want to share the method of wearing a mask you learned today?

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