Kindergarten Courses General Courses – Biologics, Animal Categories

Activity goal

  1. Recognize the animals that appear in the courseware;
  2. Communicate and cooperate with peers to complete the animal classification game together;
  3. Interested in applying the acquired knowledge to life.

Activity procedure

01 Story introduction

Today the teacher is going to tell you a story, please think about what small animals appear in the story while listening to the children? Are they the same class? This story is called “Little Zebra’s New Journey”.

The little zebra has never seen animals other than its own group, because it has never traveled far.

Now that it has grown up, it wants to go out and see the outside world. The little zebra ran freely on the endless grassland alone, passed the door of the little frog’s house, met a spider pulling a web, and finally came to a clear lake.

A very large animal is drinking from the lake. Their ears are like two fans, their two big white teeth are long and curved, and their long noses can sprinkle water. The little zebras are very rare!

Children, guess who the little zebra met in the end? It’s an elephant.

Do any children remember which animals the little zebra met along the way? Frogs, spiders, elephants.

Are they the same kind?

According to the living environment, frogs live in ponds, spiders live in burrows and trees, and elephants live in forests. They are not the same category.

In terms of size, compared with zebras and elephants, frogs and spiders are relatively small and can be regarded as small animals. Zebras and elephants are big and can also be counted as one.

So whether it is considered a category or not depends mainly on what conditions are used to divide it.

02 Know the animals that appear in the courseware

(Open the courseware, refer to the chart below, guide the children to discuss, and the teacher’s summary)

The little zebra continues to move forward. Guess what other animals it has encountered? Let’s go to the MedoActive desk to have a look.

Where will the little zebra meet these animals? Where do they live?

What characteristics of animals will the little zebra be impressed with?

03 Animal classification game

(Children sitting around the MedoActive desk naturally form a group)

The little zebra has met many good friends today, but it doesn’t know which of these animal friends is a category. Are children willing to help it and classify the animals?

Now ask the group members to discuss together and classify the animals according to your own methods.


1) According to the living place of the animal, land/sea;

2) By color, dark/light;

3) According to the actual size of the animal;

4) By physical characteristics, such as the number of legs, four-legged/multi-legged;

5) According to physical characteristics, with tail/without tail;

6) According to physical characteristics, hairy/smooth;

7) According to the movement mode, swim/walk;

8) According to feeding habits, carnivorous / herbivorous;

9) According to the direction, the head is left/right, and some animals can adjust the direction;

10) According to the degree of protection, protected/non-protected.


1) Children classify independently, and share their classification methods with their friends after they are classified;

2) Classify according to the teacher’s requirements to consolidate the understanding of animal characteristics.


The little zebra is very grateful to the children for their help, allowing it to have a preliminary understanding of so many new friends. It’s been a great ride!

What animals can the children think of that didn’t appear here? Can you classify them?

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