Kindergarten Courses – K1 Arts, Singing Cars

Activity goal

  1. Know that all kinds of sounds in life have special meaning;
  2. Distinguish the sound of the car horn and cultivate the sensitivity to the sound;
  3. Willing to participate in activities and experience the joy of cooperation.

Activity preparation

There are 2 small animal hand puppets used in the introduction of the scene.

Activity procedure

  1. Scenario introduction

The warm sunshine surrounds the winter forest, and the hardworking birds wake up the small animals with their melodious songs. The little animals are walking on the way to school. The forest, as usual, ushered in a brand new day. But this peace and harmony was suddenly interrupted by a mysterious voice.

  1. Recognize different car horn sounds (open the MedoActive course application on the big screen and play the audio)

★(Recognize the sound of the fire alarm siren) This sound resounded throughout the forest. (Click on the fire alarm car to play the whistle) The little animals are confused, who can tell the little animals what the sound is?

When will this sound be heard? Who’s in the car?

If there is a fire, what to call and the fire department will come?

After listening to your answers, the little animal understood that it was the sound of the fire siren. The little animals kept going.

★(Recognize the siren of the police car) After a while, another tense and hurried voice appeared. (Click on the police car to play the siren) The little animals asked each other, “What’s that sound again? What happened?”

Who can tell the little animals?

When will this sound be heard?

Who Uses Police Cars?

When the police need help, what number to call and the police car will come?

Through your answers, the little animals not only recognized the fire siren, but also the police siren. They were no longer afraid, and continued to move forward happily.

★(Know the siren of the ambulance) Walking, another sound appeared (click on the ambulance to play the siren) The little animal said: “What kind of sound is this again? Children, do you know?”

When is an ambulance used? Who’s in the ambulance?

When emergency care is needed, what number to call and an ambulance will come?

★ (Know the horns of cars, bicycles, and motorcycles) The small animals continued to move forward, and heard the whistles of cars, bicycles, and motorcycles. They arrived at the school and felt very happy to meet your caring friends. grateful! Can you tell the difference between the horns of cars, bicycles, and motorcycles?

  1. Activity: Guess who I am

★Group game: Children don’t look at the screen, the teacher clicks on the car to play different car horns, let the children guess; children watch the screen, the teacher points to the car in the picture, let the children imitate the car whistle.

★Toddler group games:

In the group, the children took turns clicking on the cars on the road to see which ones would “sing”.

Find your favorite car, tell the group what it is for, and try to imitate its whistle.


★When a fire breaks out, what number to call and the fire police will come?

When I need the police, what number do I call and the police car will come?

When I need emergency help, what number to call and an ambulance will come?

★What should we do when we hear the car horn?

(Guide the children to speak, the teacher summarizes) Pedestrians pay attention to vehicles, and drivers pay attention to avoiding.

★Every sound that appears in life has its special meaning. For example: planes, ships, trains…

Do you know what sound there is?

★What’s your favorite sound?

The teacher likes the sound of the music boxes the most, because each music box will play a nice piano piece.

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